“The H.O.W. House helped me step up to everything I ran away from throughout my life.
Accountability, confrontation, emotions: so many things I didn’t know how to face.
At H.O.W. I had the support of incredible women doing the same work; and I learned so much alongside them and from them.
I’m a better friend, sister, daughter and person in the world because of the safety and growth the H.O.W. House offered to me.
I will forever be grateful for the place and the women.”
- Lindsay


“What is Sober Living?”
The H.O.W. House aims to bridge the gap from treatment into society by providing structured transitional housing deemed “sober living.” By offering support through the Twelve Steps, the H.O.W. House fosters a healthy environment geared towards long-term recovery. The H.O.W. House provides a delicate balance between structure and freedom, which enables women to grow in their recovery and develop the skills necessary for successful and lasting sobriety.

“When can I see my family?”
The focus of the H.O.W. House is to teach women to put their recovery first, building a strong foundation upon which everything in their lives will rest. It is generally recommended that women and their families convene 1-2 times a week. After living at the house for thirty days and complying with all of the house requirements, the women may earn the privilege of weekly off-site overnight visits with their family members.

“When can I get a job?”
Within the first 30 days, residents of the H.O.W. House are required to secure employment. It takes at least a week for each resident to settle-in to daily life at the H.O.W. House; anyone returning to a previously held job is asked to wait 7-14 days after move-in.

“How long can I stay?”
While the H.O.W. House has a minimum commitment of three months. For adequate change to occur, six months or longer is strongly recommended. The maximum stay at the H.O.W. House is two years.

“What if I can’t afford rent? Are there scholarships available?”
Finances are not a barrier to the services provided at the H.O.W. House. Help is provided to anyone that genuinely needs financial assistance. Once living at the H.O.W. House, women are required to work within 30 days and therefore able to contribute to rent.


The H.O.W. House requires that the women remain abstinent from all mood or mind-altering substances and delivers structure through the principles of the Twelve Steps. A tremendous emphasis is placed on responsibility and accountability; encouraging residents to take on those principles first hand. The H.O.W. House works closely with the women’s family members, should they want to be involved, to encourage independence and wellness in all aspects of life.

The women begin their stay at the H.O.W. House with a seven-day induction in which they are accompanied by another house guest while applying for jobs and attending recovery-related activities. This arrangement allows the new women to learn the neighborhood, acclimate to taking public transportation, and connect with the other women residing in the houses.

There are monthly volunteering and yoga requirements to encourage the women to try new things and help others. Workshops on resume building, interview preparation and job-search skills are provided.

Drug screens are conducted on a random basis. The H.O.W. House has a zero-tolerance policy for behavioral issues and/or failure to pass drug screens.

What is provided:

  • Fully furnished rooms & linens
  • Internet/house computer + wifi
  • House phone, cable, utilities
  • On-site laundry
What to bring:
  • Clothing & food
  • Laundry detergent & toiletries
  • Gift cards or small amounts of spending money
  • MBTA pass
Suggested items:
  • Alarm clock
  • Towel
  • Clothes hangers